• The Library is for all bona fide students, faculty and staff and cross enrollees. Alumni and visiting researchers who may use the facilities of the Learning Resource Center may avail of the materials only within the library and may not borrow for home use.
  • The Library is exclusively for research purposes.
  • Loud conversation is strictly prohibited within the library premises.
  • All users should observe silence while inside the LRC. Discussions by study groups can be done at the STUDY HALL located at the Milagros L. Limaco Hall.
  • Mutilating, clipping, or cutting of any book, magazine, pamphlet, or any library materials are strictly prohibited. Anyone found guilty of such acts shall replaced or shall be pay a sum equal to the full value of the book, magazines, pamphlet, or newspaper mutilated, clipped or cut, or replaces with the same. Moreover, the guilty party shall be subjected to disciplinary action.
  • Eating, sleeping and littering in the LRC are strictly prohibited. Anyone caught will be deprived of his/ her library privileges for one (1) month.
  • Users should turn off their cellphones off while inside the Learning Resource Center.