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Michaeleans believe that education is their birthright.

Once they get accepted in their desired program, they are assured that they have found a second home.

They are assured of a future that will help them improve their lives, change the course of their fate and become what they have desired to be.

SMCL has its Pathways to Education Program that assists students who are equipped with the strong desire to be the best that they can be utilizing their academic and soft skills.

The College provides them with academic coaching, scholarship, psycho-social support, career/ job placement and economic enterprise development.

The program envisions to produce students to become responsible leaders and citizens who will positively contribute to the upliftment of human conditions and deepen their commitment towards social transformation.

Michaeleans have motivational and inspiring stories of success - each unique from the rest.

Stories of life, of triumph and of metamorphosis that are worth re-telling.

If you are a graduate of Saint Michael's College of Laguna or you know someone who is an alumnus/alumna with an inspiring story, don't hesitate to share it with to us and we will feature it in this website.

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As Michaeleans, we think there is something that truly binds us as one – One Michaelean, One Vision, One Journey Towards Social Transformation.

Together we can truly be one, individually making a difference even in our own spheres of influence and collectively a major Michaelean presence.

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