Clubs and Organizations

Application and Renewal

  1. Any group of 20 may apply for accreditation of its organization using Request for Accreditation of Clubs/Organizations. This must be duly accomplished and signed by the founding members and its adviser. The Dean/Department Head or his/her designate should also recommend the adviser/moderator in consideration of his/her merits or teaching experience.
  2. The organization seeking accreditation shall furnish the Student Development Center with one (1) copy of its constitution and by-laws together with its proposed projects and activities for one (1) school year) and a list of officers (if available) and members.
  3. A certificate of recognition, which shall be effective for one (1) school year, shall be issued by the Director for Student Services to duly accredited student organizations.
  4. Accreditation of the clubs and organizations shall be done annually. Clubs and organizations requesting for reaccreditation may not submit a copy of constitution and by-laws
  5. At the end of every school year, the organization shall submit to the Student Development Center their annual reports, which include the financial statement, minutes of the meeting, and evaluation of activities. The Student Development Center shall evaluate the activities of all accredited student organizations. Such evaluation shall be the basis for the renewal or non-renewal of accreditation.


Conduct of Activities

  1. An Activity Approval Form shall be duly accomplished and submitted to the Student Development Center three (3) days prior to the scheduled activity; however, provisions shall be made in case a scheduled event is postponed or rescheduled due to unavoidable circumstances (availability of speaker, funds, venue, force majeure, etc.).
  2. The organization seeking approval should make a separate request for venue and logistics.
  3. The organization recording secretary should document the activity, which will be submitted as part of the Annual Report.
  4. The organization shall use the official Evaluation Form to evaluate the conduct of each activity.
  5. A financial statement checked and signed by the adviser/moderator must be submitted as part of the Annual Report. On the other hand, clubs or organizations without membership fees are exempted from this requirement.


Types of Club/Organization

Students may request for accreditation of any of the following:

  1. Co-curricular – academic-oriented or extension of academic departments composed of students who will be professionals in their particular disciplines. These shall operate under the direct supervision of the heads or his/her authorized faculty member.
  2. Interest – organizations composed of students with special or common interests coming from different disciplines cutting across curricular years. These clubs, through socio-cultural in nature are not department-based.
  3. Socio-civic and religious – these are chapters of international and national organizations composed of interested SMCL students coming from different disciplines, cutting across curricular years.  They are exempted from submitting constitution and by-laws since they follow the international or national organization’s rules and regulations; however, an adviser/moderator must be recommended by the respective department head.


Officers of the different clubs and organizations may release notices of student activities upon securing clearance from the Club Adviser and endorsement from the Dean/Principal/Director for Student Services/Associate Director for Student Development.


Students who participate in outside-the-campus-activities not endorsed by the Institution (such as mall shows, TV competitions, and the like) must secure an approved Off-Campus Activity Form from their Dean/Principal/Associate Director for Student Development/Director for Student Services and submit a signed Parental Consent.


The Central Student Council is the highest governing student body of the Integrated School. The College Student Council is the highest governing body of the College Division. Its officers are elected annually based on its applicable Constitution and By-laws.


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