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The school emblem was designed to serve as visual reminder of what SMCL stands for. Every element of the design echoes the institution's commitment to its students, their parents and the members of the community which it has vowed to serve with vigor and enthusiasm.

  • THE UPRAISED HANDS. The two hands raised up to support the human figure in the center represent the philanthropic will of its original founders that is to develop the youth by providing quality education at the affordable cost.
  • THE LEAF CLUSTERS. These symbolize the values and virtues which SMCL seeks to inculcate in the hearts of its students. These values and virtues are Service, Moral Uprightness, Commitment to Excellence, and Love for Humanity and Intercultural Sensitivity.
  • THE COLORS RED, BLUE, AND WHITE. As a true Michaelean, red symbolizes courage; white for purity in spirit and body; and blue for peace.
  • THE SHIELD. This represents the shield of truth and knowledge as inspired from the shield of St. Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of SMCL.
  • THE STAR BURSTS. The three starbursts represent the three functional areas inherent to an educational institution: Teaching, Research and Extension Services.

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