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The Counseling and Career Services Center (CCSC) is a unit which helps further Saint Michael’s College of Laguna’s mission and facilitates the student’s growth process through its programs and services.


Vision. The Counseling and Career Services Center envisions producing pupils/students of all ages with healthy body, mind and spirit, globally competent, productive members of the society imbued to serve mankind with commitment, competence, compassion, loyalty and love.

Mission. The Counseling and Career Services Center intends to facilitate holistic growth approach for each pupil/student to achieve and perform their optimum potentials, values and work-oriented self-directing social beings, globally competitive and productive members of the society driven by excellence, compassion and commitment.

To achieve this mission, the CCSC adopts development and prevention programs that are designed based on the belief that every student is of value and has the right to optimum personal development.   Furthermore, the CCSC programs are focused on three domains namely:  Academic development, Personal/Social development, and Career development.

To facilitate implementation of the programs, the CCSC provides various services of which every student can have access to:


  • Counseling/Consultation Services
    • Students with academic, personal or social, as well as career concerns can avail of counseling service provided by a licensed counselor.  Counseling can be done individually or by group.
    • Each student shall have an Individual Cumulative Record.  This shall contain the progress development of each student.  This is maintained, updated and kept for reference purposes.  All information is kept strictly confidential and secured.
    • All counseling sessions are properly documented using the Counseling/Consultation Form and held in utmost confidentiality.
    • Follow-up sessions are done on a case-to-case basis.
    • In cases of referral by the Adviser/Teacher/Administrator/Parent/Student, the Referral Form is accomplished by the referee and submitted to the CCSC.  The Counselor shall use appropriate intervention to address the concern.
    • For walk-in clients, CCSC personnel (Counselor, Guidance Services Associate/Staff) conducts the initial interview to assess the concern of the client.  If the concern can be addressed through consultation service, the CCSC staff provides and documents the session using the Counseling/Consultation Form
    • For counseling-initiated cases, the CCSC uses the appropriate procedures for calling the client.
  • Peer Volunteer Service
    • Peer Volunteer service is an adjunct service utilized to reach out to as many students through the help of student volunteers.
    • Students interested to join/attend/participate in Peer Volunteer Group shall accomplish a Peer Volunteer Application Form and secure their parent’s approval using the Peer Volunteer Membership Parent’s Approval Form.
    • The Peer Volunteer students undergo training on basic counseling skills and other related skills before they are given specific duties.
  • Career Placement Service
    • Career guidance and development activities are provided for students as well as graduates.
    • Career Choice and Tertiary Preference Survey is administered to Grade 10 and 12 students.
    • The CCSC provides career counseling to assist the students develop further self-understanding, discover aptitude and interests, and identify career perspectives.
    • The CCSC provides career coaching through provision of relevant career information that will help students arrive at career options.
    • The CCSC is responsible for inviting practitioners from various professional fields to share their expertise and specialization to the graduating class.
    • An open house job fair is conducted to provide career opportunities for SMCL Alumni and graduating students.


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