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"The future demands a collective responsibility, a healthy, convergence that will create a happy, caring, and nurturing environment where the commitment of one is the commitment of all."

Miguelunda Educational Corporation founded by the Limaco sisters of Biñan, runs Saint Michaels College of Laguna formerly Biñan College. From a concept of Dr. Luisa Limaco De Leon and financial support of Pura Limaco, the College was managed by Milagros Limaco, a seasoned educator who acted as Directress.


From its humble beginnings, the College blossomed as a reputed premiere institution of learning and scholarship. On to the close of the 4th decade of operations, the College has been managed by the second generation of Limaco’s Dean Carmelita De Leon-Chan, the Chairperson of the Board and Dr. Lourdes Almeda-Sese, the College President and CEO. The deft and transformative leadership and management styles have kept the College to continuously soar to new heights and standards of performance.


The Board of Directors has always maintained its dynamism and strong posture to realize the College’s goals and objectives. This has been the force at work in motivating and energizing the College community to raise the efficiency and effectiveness. The Management Committee has conscientiously strategized to proact amidst the challenges brought about by the evolving environmental concerns. The Council of Heads saw to it that programs are properly implemented and monitored to measure up to the desired expectations. With the management team’s earnest commitment and concerted efforts, targets were realized at considerably high levels.




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Carmelita De Leon-Chan

Lourdes Almeda-Sese, Ed.D.

Teresita L. Limaco

Atty. Miguelito B. Limaco

Atty. Andrea Antonette S. Relucio

Vicente L. Almeda

Anthony L. Almeda

Antonia Cruz-Siy

Apollinaris V. Castelltort

Jose Ramon L. Cruz

Maria Lourdes L. De Leon

A& L Realty Corporation

Anthony L. Almeda

Teresita Limaco

Antonio Rogelio B. Limaco

Miguelito B. Limaco

Isidro B. Limaco

Lourdes Almeda-Sese, EdD

Carmelita D.L. Chan

Perfecto L. Vasquez

Vicente L. Almeda

Valeriano L. Almeda

Antonia Cruz-Siy

Apollinaris V. Castelltort

Jose Ramon L. Cruz

Miguel L. De Leon

Maria Lourdes L. De Leon

Edmond Q. Sese

Miguelita L. Vasquez

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