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Saint Michael's College of Laguna Basic Education Division envisions the development of lifelong learners, entrepreneurs and civic- spirited youth who are service-oriented, morally upright, committed to excellence, and imbued with love for humanity and intercultural sensitivity through a holistic and responsible curriculum that stresses academic proficiency and character formation from preparatory and elementary through secondary school.

The SMCL Basic Education Division offers a comprehensive, holistic, and responsive curriculum that integrates academic and vocational-technical courses with entrepreneurial learning experiences in a nurturing, stimulating, and engaging learning environment where students imbibe desirable social and cultural values, form positive attitude towards work, and acquire independent study habits and lifelong learning skills.

Laboratory of life

It is a laboratory of life where children experience varied stimulating and enjoyable learning activities under the tutelage of competent and nurturing teachers who make each child feel important, appreciated, and valued. A child-friendly school that provides opportunities for learners to discover and develop their potentials and talents for lifelong learning and success.


SMCL enriches students' academic experiences through participation in creative and performing arts, sports, social life, and other curricular and co-curricular activities.

Grade School

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Primary School pupils under Saint Louise Early Childhood Center are ready for the big school, creative and artistic, and independent. They move up to middle school with early English communication skills, improved socialization skills, and early entrepreneurship awareness.

Middle School pupils get early exposure to entrepreneurship which develops pupils' awareness of the value of earning and saving money, appropriate to their level of growth and development. They also discover and develop their multiple intelligences.


At SMCL, there are educational trips and community exposure for social awareness, grounding in creative and critical thinking, leadership training, and reading and writing across the curriculum

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