Junior High School

Creating pathways to life.

Grade 7 to Grade 10












  • To develop the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable each student to pursue education beyond high school or enter a career of his/her choice;
  • To develop higher intellectual skills that will result in appropriate literacy, problem solving capabilities, computer literacy, and the desire to continue to learn in varied life situations;
  • To enrich student’s experiences through participation in creative and performing arts, sports and school life;
  • To prepare learners for the world of work through exposure to varied productive and entrepreneurial activities;
  • To form desirable attitudes that will encourage habits of good citizenship by promoting respect for the individual, organizations, government, and society as a whole;
  • To develop an appreciation of the Filipino heritage and culture and the desire to serve the country and the world as patriotic and useful citizens.

Laboratory of life

It is a laboratory of life where children experience varied stimulating and enjoyable learning activities under the tutelage of competent and nurturing teachers who make each child feel important, appreciated, and valued. A child-friendly school that provides opportunities for learners to discover and develop their potentials and talents for lifelong learning and success.


SMCL enriches students' academic experiences through participation in creative and performing arts, sports, social life, and other curricular and co-curricular activities.


  • Responsive instruction and supervision for excellence
  • Character and values formation
  • Development of multiple intelligences
  • English reading and writing proficiency development programs
  • Information and communication technology training
  • Entrepreneurial operation and skills development
  • Training in leadership and community service
  • Career counseling
  • Sports, arts, and cultural programs

Junior High School

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Saint Michael's College of Laguna

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