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The AB multidisciplinary program is designed to advance the ideals of a liberal education that supports integral learning, personal development, and intellectual exploration characterized by creative and critical thinking, clear writing, persuasive speaking, decision making, and independent inquiry.


Co-curricular activities provide students with aesthetic experiences in art, music, dance, and theatre; enabling them to acquire understanding and mastery of creative techniques and to gain appreciation of the cultural, historical, and educational values of the arts.


The program prepares career-oriented individuals with highly marketable in-demand skills that can be applied in a variety of job markets including business, government, public service, communications, and education.


 It is a good stepping stone towards a career in college teaching, pursuit of advanced degrees such as law and graduate studies, and advancement in virtually every career in private, public, and non-profit organizations.

Liberal Arts

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The program envisions to produce graduates who are intellectually, emotionally, and morally independent agents of transformation by providing a learning ambience where students are teachers' co-explorers of ideas.


Its mission is to facilitate the integral development of an individual of glocal (global and local), tolerant, and intelligent perspective, who will be able to enhance his/her quality of life and who can contribute to the development of his/her environment to realize the fullness of human life.

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