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Library Collections

  1. Reserve. The Reserve collection consists of books as required and collateral reading for their course. Due to the heavy demand for these books, they are not allowed for outside use. They are placed in a separate area together with the other circulating books.
  2. General Circulation. The Circulation Section houses and circulates the books in the General Collection. The General Collection consists of books pertaining to the general knowledge and various programs/courses offered by the College at the same time other general collections. The section also serves as the loan desk where borrowing and returning of all library materials are done; takes care of the issuances of security card; issuing of fines for overdue books and giving of referral letters to students who wanted to do research in other schools.
  3. Periodical and Special Project Section. Included are magazines, journals and other forms of serial publications available locally and abroad through subscriptions. Bound Journals, Vertical File Clippings are also available in this section, since important articles taken from newspapers and magazines are kept in vertical file cabinets. They are arranged alphabetically by subject heading.
  4. Electronic Resource Section (ERS). This section consists of complete sets of computers with internet connection for students’ unlimited access to knowledge available worldwide. Internet section is also available to students and teachers researchers.
  5. E-Journal. A specialized on-line database that the LRC subscribed to Ce-Logic: the Custom 100. It offers 100 titles of online journals that cover wide range of topics e.g. Mathematics, Education, Nursing, Hospitality Management, Commerce, Languages and Literature.
  6. Non-Book Materials. These materials should include films, tape/slide programs, video tape or television programs, audio tapes, audio-video cassettes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, instructional programs related to computers and any other electronically produced materials.
  7. Viewing Room. The MLLRC is equipped to support the viewing and listening of film and audio materials from the LRC collections. Non-Book materials are situated in this room.
  8. Discussion Room. MLLRC provides space for small group discussion that seat twelve (12) people or less. The space is dedicated for MLLRC users where they can discuss and work together. The said room is available on a first-come first-served basis.
  9. Online Public Access Catalog. This is a computerized catalog that replaces the traditional card catalogue. It allows the user a faster search and gives him/her more research options by simply typing in the name of author, title or subject on the screen.


Use of the Learning Resource Center

  1. Bona fide students of SMCL can automatically access any library material. Students should present their valid SMCL ID for the current semester/Academic Year.
  2. Periodicals and Reference Books such as Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Manuals, and Newspaper clippings, Theses, Dissertations, Feasibility Studies and Reserved Books are for library use only.
  3. The Library is exclusively for research purposes only.
  4. Loud conversation is strictly prohibited within the library premises.
  5. Persons wishing to converse of or discuss any subject should use the Discussion Room located at the first floor to ensure non-disturbance of library users in their quiet study.
  6. Mutilating, clipping or cutting of any book, magazine, pamphlet or any library materials is strictly prohibited. Anyone found guilty of such act shall replace or pay a sum equal to the full value of the book, magazine, pamphlet or newspaper mutilated, clip or cut. Moreover the guilty party shall be subjected to disciplinary action.
  7. Eating, sleeping and littering are strictly prohibited in the library. Anyone caught shall be deprived of his/her library privileges for one (1) month.
  8. Silence must be observed; students who do not observe this regulation shall be asked to leave the library by the Librarian.
  9. Books that are lost should be replaced with an exact copy or an up-to-date related copy in hard copy, if there is no exact copy available in the bookstore.


Referral Letter

  1. Only SMCL students who are enrolled and with a validated ID for the current semester/ summer term shall be issued a referral letter to visit other libraries.
  2. The Chief Librarian shall prepare a letter of introduction for students and faculty members planning to use the library facilities of other institutions upon request.
  3. The application and issuance of referral letters shall be done on the actual day of research.
  4. Other matters such as the visitor’s day and visitor’s fee of other libraries, in addition to the referral letter and valid ID to be presented, shall be the responsibility of the SMCL students.


Lost or Damaged Materials

  1. Lost library material must be reported at once. Failure to notify the Librarian means accumulation of fines and the amount will be added to the cost of book. A lost book must be repaid or replaced one week after it was reported lost.
  2. Failure to replace or pay lost or damaged book within the allowed period means suspension of borrowing privileges until such time he/ she has settled all his/ her library accounts.
  3. A lost or damaged book may either be replaced with the same title or another related title subject to the approval of the Chief Librarian or paid at a cost based on the current market price of the book plus P 50.00 for processing fee and the accrued fines if there are any.
  4. Damaged, torn, missing pages must be reported immediately to the Librarian before borrowing the book or library materials.
  5. Lost Library Date Due Card must be paid amounting to P50.00.


Library Clearance

  • All clearances of library users whose library records are not cleared by the end of each semester/ summer/ academic year shall not be signed.


Security Control

  • Security System will automatically alarm if there is/are book/s improperly checked out.


Log-In System

  • All library users are required to scan their IDs barcode upon entering the library.



  1. Failure to Return a Circulation Book. Any person who fails to return any book open to general circulation on its due date or after recall shall pay a fine of P5.00 a day, exclusive of Sundays and holidays.
  2. Failure to Return a Reserve Book. Any person who fails to return a reserve book shall pay a fine of P25.00 a day, exclusive of Sundays and holidays.
  3. Failure to Return a General Reference Book and Other Restricted Materials Borrowed for Photocopying Purposes. A person who fails to return a general reference book and other restricted materials borrowed for photocopying purposes shall pay a fine of P50.00. On the second offense, the person shall have his/her library privileges suspended for one week.
  4. Falsification and Use of Someone Else’s ID. Any person who falsifies the identification card shall, after due process, be suspended for not more than one semester. Any person who uses an identification card not his/her own shall have his/her library privileges suspended for not more than one semester.

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