Pearl Anniversary




"Going beyond Traditions, Riding the Winds of Change."


In these two phrases lie the implication that the status quo, however proud of or satisfied we are with it, is not the place we ultimately need and want to be.


The past thirty years were not easy. Every year present a new set of obstacles that needed to be solved. Indeed, the challenges were so many that one wonders how SMCL survived and thrived becoming what it is today.


We are what we are today because people found the courage to overcome the obstacles, the patience to find solutions to the many problems, and the genuine desire to be of help to others. While holding firmly to the traditions started by its founders, the people of SMCL - the board of directors, administrators, faculty and staff - understood that it is in recognizing these changes in the world and adapting itself to the changes that survival, success, and significance ultimately lie.


So there it is - SMCL has a tradition of going beyond tradition. It continually rides the wind of change. SMCL faces up to the challenges and transforms itself to whatever form it needs to become in order to excel and succeed.


The question then is not whether we can go beyond tradition and ride the winds of change. We have done that for thirty years. The question is what changes we need to make in order to ensure the success of the next thirty years.


I believe we need to change ourselves to take one step beyond our comfort zones, a leap beyond our borders. The changing world demands that we we do more to help ourselves as we strive to help others better. We need to serve with more passion so that the people who need our help the most can, in turn, be of service to others.


We need to take the plunge into the unfamiliar but necessary.


We need to challenge the relevance of everything we do and embrace new methodologies to enhance our productivity and effectiveness.


The world is changing and now, more than ever, we need to inconvenience ourselves for the convenience of others. We need to be bold and courageous knowing that we can make a difference.


We must weave together a common purpose. We must walk to the edge for we will not fall but we will soar.


Let us embark on another voyage - a voyage of discovery within ourselves, within our organization and beyond. And that voyage must be lived and celebrated, not endured. 'The more we praise and celebrate life, the more there are reasons in life to celebrate.' Let's delight in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. Savor the simple and marvel at the complicated.


Let's celebrate!


Lourdes Almeda-Sese, EdD

President and CEO

25 August 2005

Bellevue Hotel Manila

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