The recent assessment on the awareness of students on climate change (Rodriguez and Almendral, 2021) shows low level of climate change awareness and knowledge among High School students in the study. Additionally, the study shows that the Internet (particularly social media sites like Facebook) is the main source of information (95%). The study strongly recommends that climate change be disseminated widely and be included in the curriculum of the Philippine Education system.

This eBook contains articles that will attempt to answer three basic questions:

(1) What is happening around us?
(2) Why is it happening? and
(3) How do we respond to the negative effects of climate change at the national, community and school levels?

It is expected that this eBook will be used as reference material in the Junior High School Level so the students can respond effectively to any eventuality.

(From the Foreword of Dr. Lourdes Almeda-Sese)