Student Development

The Student Development Center aims to assure the smooth and balanced implementation of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the different student groups from the student council to batch organizations and recognize student clubs.


It ensures that the mission, goals, and objectives of the various organizations are in accord with the vision-mission statement of the College.


It seeks to provide opportunities that would allow students to develop their managerial and leadership potentials and be motivated to get involved in important and relevant issues and concerns.


Student Publications. The main concern of the student publications is to provide for the development and the promotion of campus journalism as a critical and creative means of strength and ethical values. It upholds and protects the freedom of the press at the campus level. It serves as an outlet for students’ creative expression not only improving their journalistic skills but also developing their moral character and personal discipline.

The Michaelean Herald is the official student publication of Saint Michael’s College of Laguna. It is funded by Michaeleans thru subscription.


Culture and the Arts. This aims to enhance and promote cultural awareness and appreciation of the different art forms among the members of the SMCL academic community. The unit taps and develops the students’ potentials in the various art forms through training, seminars, and workshops. The unit provides the artistic entertainment to the different sectors of the school and promotes the name of the school off campus through cultural programs and activities.

Sports Development. The sports programs are designed not only to develop the kinesthetic intelligence of the Michaeleans but also to instill the values of discipline, fair play, teamwork, leadership and cooperation. It also offers an alternative lifestyle where there is development of character, healthy disposition and sound mind. The SMCL Varsity Team is called Angels.


Student Development

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