Student Services

In line with its commitment to nurture the full potentials of the individual student and develop his/her total personality, the College promotes and implements a comprehensive student services program.


Coordinated by the Director, the Student Services Division (SSD) includes Counseling and Career Services Center, Center for Extension Services, and Student Development Center. The Student Development Center covers the following: Student Activities, Culture and Arts, Sports Development, and Scholarship and Financial Assistance.


Saint Michael’s College of Laguna - Student Services Division (SMCL SSD) envisions an environment that ensures students’ well-being, formation and holistic development.


Student Development

  • Student Activities
  • Sports Development
  • Campus Ministry
  • Student Publications
  • Culture and Arts


Counseling & Career Services

  • Counseling Service
  • Career Placement Service
  • Peer Volunteer Service


Extension Services



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Saint Michael’s College of Laguna - Student Services Division (SMCL SSD) aims to complement the academic program through the effective and efficient program that will ensure the optimal unfolding of the students’ as self-actualized individuals and responsible citizens of the nation.


It is committed to the realization of the following goals:

  • develop committed and responsible students who will eventually assume leadership roles in their chosen field through the formation of educational, social, cultural, religious and civic organizations;
  • provide for the selection and direction of prospective students through established admissions criteria that will allow them reasonable chances of success and excellence;
  • render psycho-social support directed towards students’ wellness, emotional development and total personality development;
  • provide for an efficient and effective processing of students’ records and documents; and
  • develop the students’ social  conscience through awareness, concern and involvement/immersion in community development.

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