Institutional Vision

Saint Michael's College of Laguna, a private premier non-sectarian institution of learning and scholarship, envisions the development of service oriented, moral and ethical professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, committed to excellence and imbued with love for humanity and intercultural sensitivity. It aspires to contribute to the promotion of a culture of quality assurance, global standards, and service excellence.

Institutional Mission

To realize its vision, the College commits to:

  • - Provide instructional delivery that empowers the learners and ennobles the learned based on learner centered, socially relevant, industry responsive, and technology enhanced curriculum.
  • - Undertake research that will contribute to theory, research, policy, and practice on the offered disciplines for continued institutional improvement.
  • - Provide community and extension services that will support engaged citizenship towards social transformation.

The Michaelean Ideals

Service to God and Country

  • - The Michaelean serves with commitment, competence, compassion, loyalty, and love.
  • - He/she performs tasks and works conscientiously through its full realization and completion.
  • - He/she gives his/her time and best efforts.
  • - He/she sees to it that tasks promote the well-being of everyone concerned.
  • - He/she can be depended upon.
  • - He/she can be trusted and relied upon.
  • - He/she is willing to inconvenience himself/herself for the convenience of others.

Moral Uprightness

  • - The Michaelean behaves, acts and does things with the purest of intentions.
  • - He/she sets a positive model of leadership and credibility in the things that he/she does.
  • - He/she does not compromise his/her integrity in any way.
  • - He/she is authentic, honest and fair in all his/her dealings.
  • - He/she treats others with dignity and respect. He/she obeys the rules and laws of the land.

Commitment to Excellence

  • - The Michaelean's commitment to excellence motivates and energizes him/her to realize that outstanding level of performance and a high level of productivity that he aspires.
  • - He/she uses every opportunity that comes his/her way for him/her to grow and develop personally and professionally.
  • - He/she gives his/her time and best efforts.
  • - He/she uses his/her capacity to be the best in everything.
  • - He/she rises above mediocrity and overcomes obstacles more determined and focused to get to the goals he/she has set.

Love for Humanity and Intercultural Sensitivity

  • - A Michaelean values the good life with others.
  • - He/she is God-fearing. He/she lives a life not just for himself/herself but for other people.
  • - He/she makes his/her fellowmen, his/her country and even the world his/her concern, responsibility, and accountability.
  • - He/she supports environmental preservation and sustainable development.
  • - He/she believes that his/her action must be responsible as he/she creates bigger ripples in the larger scheme of things.
  • - He/she endeavors to understand and adapt to cultural norms wherever he/she is.
  • - He/she believes that things can be done in the spirit of trust and cooperation.

Institutional Goals

Quality and Excellence

  • - Provide basic, undergraduate, and graduate education that meet standards of quality and excellence.

Relevance and Responsiveness

  • - Generate and disseminate knowledge in the growing range of disciplines relevant and responsive to the complexities of the changing environment
  • - Develop the potentials of the students so that they may acquire the educational foundation for their development as committed, competent, compassionate, loyal and loving individuals.

Access and Equity

  • - Make provision for expanded educational opportunities to deserving qualified students.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • - Utilize school's resources for the maximum institutional and individual returns and benefits.